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On-Demand Dance Courses
For Homeschooling Families

Wholesome, Educational, Intentional, Fun

How It Works


Choose Your Course

At, kids can dip their toes into a variety of dance styles or dive deep into mastering their favorite(s). From the lively rhythms of clogging to the grace of ballet, the groove of hip hop, the emotion of contemporary, and the energy of jazz, there's something for everyone! All 6 genres of dance are included in your membership. mobile homepage
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Start Dancing

Once you've chosen your course, start dancing! Our easy-to-follow video lessons will guide you through each step of the way. Your child will take fun quizzes throughout to make sure they are on the right track.


Key Features

Wholesome Content

No foul language or inappropriate movement. You can access our 1,000+ wholesome on-demand dance lessons, anytime!

Intentional Training

All of our messaging is educational and positive. Boost confidence with our fun quizzes to test your new skills in Ballet, Jazz, Clogging, Contemporary and Hip Hop!

Safe and Secure

Dance like no one is watching - because no one is! No ads, pop-ups, comments or anything undesirable to worry about your child clicking on.

A Safe Space To Learn Dance Online

“I am so grateful to have found a safe place for my daughter to experience the joy of dance. I’ve been impressed with the content of the videos. It is so nice that I don’t need to worry about inappropriate content in the videos or the lyrics of the songs.”


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Founded by a

Homeschooling Mom of 3


Happy Homeschoolers

"Kids are able to do it on their own, giving busy homeschooling parents a break in the day. There were lots of laughs and fun memories made, plus they learned new skills that they didn’t even have to leave the house for!"
"Another great thing about YouDance is that there are NO Ads and no way for your kids to click into something you don’t want them to access. This can be a problem using YouTube."
"The best online dance classes I’ve seen. I love that there are multiple instructors teaching the lessons and combos. Each one brings their own personality does a great job breaking down their dance routines."

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