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Learning Dance on YouTube ISN'T free: Uncovering The Real Price Tags

dollar bills

Can I state the obvious? Things are getting expensive! (boo!!)

But, have you ever stopped to notice something less obvious - like, the hidden cost of things...

A Big Mac isn't $3.99, it costs your health. At $3.99 it might seem like a steal, but have you considered the toll it takes on your health? Beyond the price tag, there's the potential for long-term health issues that can really add up.

Netflix doesn't cost $17.99, it costs your time. Wait - what about your Netflix subscription?! Sure, it's a small price to pay for endless entertainment, but think about all the time you spend glued to the screen. That's time you could be spending on other things—a hidden cost of lost opportunities.

YouTube isn't free, it costs your focus. YouTube, the so-called free platform. But is it really free when it's constantly bombarding you with ads, pop-ups, and distractions? Every click comes with a cost—the erosion of your focus and attention. Random advertisements, pop-ups, mean comments, lack of flow - YouTube has a lot noise. Sites like YouTube exist to allow marketers to steal ours and our family's valuable focus. When you think about how this can negatively affect your family, to learn to dance on YouTube is expensive!

happy family promises to provide a safe, fun, educational atmosphere for you and your family. Learn to dance with no distractions, no ads, no pop-ups, no inappropriate comments! PLUS we keep our price as low as we can - for you.

Try out's trial for 14-days, because some things cost more than money -

Happy Dancing my friends!


Founder of

P.S. I get it - YouTube can be useful! If children are watching videos, with parent supervision I can understand the occasional use. YouDance has a YouTube channel - for parents use - to view sample classes and see if would be a good fit for their family. Check it out here -


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