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Test Your Dance IQ w/ this Hip Hop Quiz

Question 1: Which of these elements doesn't belong in the world of hip hop dance?

a) Breaking

b) Popping

c) Tango (Seriously, tango?)

d) Locking

Question 2: Who gave the "moonwalk" its out-of-this-world fame?

a) James Brown

b) Michael Jackson

c) Tupac Shakur

d) Missy Elliott

Question 3: What's the style that's all about lightning-fast footwork and legwork?

a) Krumping

b) Tutting

c) Waving

d) Strobing

Question 4: True or False: Hip hop dance first hit the scene in New York City in the '70s.

a) True

b) False

Question 5: What's the name of the dance showdown where hip hoppers flex their moves?

a) Cypher

b) Showcase

c) Battle

d) Jam

Now, let's see if your rhythm's on point! Scroll down to check your answers below. How did you do in the Hip Hop quiz?

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Happy Dancing!



Correct Answers:

  1. c) Tango (Seriously, tango?)

  2. b) Michael Jackson

  3. b) Tutting

  4. a) True

  5. a) Cypher


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